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Click on the compiler link of your choice to start the download. Each download contains an automated installer that includes binaries build from’s sources plus the installers for your C compiler of choice.

All installers are fully automated installers that install everything you need to get started developing applications with xHarbour.

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Note: Please be advised that we can only support the most recent build of xHarbour.
The “Previous builds” downloads are only available for testing purpose if you, for any reason, need to go back to a previous build.

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From build 1.21.6633 on, all binaries will include the new SQLRDD & SQLEX demo libraries and samples. Look at \xHarbour\Lib\SQLRDD and other “SQLRDD” folders for SQLRDD & SQLEX files.

More information about SQLRDD can be found here.

If you want to purchase “SQLRDD & SQLEX for”, please click on the “Shop” link on the main menu. Ordering before November 20th 2009 grants you 15% discount on the list price! ;-)

Latest downloads:

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