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  Welcome to, the download site for free fully automated installers. We are currently focusing on Windows distributions, for Borland, MSVC and PellesC compilers.

Our goal is to provide frequent releases of the free xHarbour project, supplemented by some free goodies, and most importantly, provide fully automated installers that include everything you need to get started developing with xHarbour.

All our installers will check your system for your preferred C compiler. If the installer does not find it, it will automatically download the necessary files and start the installation for the C compiler. All you need to do is follow the standard installation

procedure. Plain and simple!

From build 1.21.6633 on, all binaries will include the new SQLRDD & SQLEX demo libraries and samples. Look at \xHarbour\Lib\SQLRDD and other “SQLRDD” folders for SQLRDD & SQLEX files or look here for more info.

If you want to purchase “SQLRDD & SQLEX for”, please click on the “Shop” link on the main menu.

Ordering before November 20th 2009 grants you 15% discount on the list price! ;-)

Thank you,

Patrick Mast